In Memory of Nate

Nathan Levinson was a Bradenton, Florida city worker who lost his job fighting for the lives of stray cats living on Manatee county property, where he worked. He was fired for feeding a specific group […]

Indiana Teen Charged With Making & Distributing Animal Crush Videos

19-year-old Krystal Cherika Scott of Kokomo, Indiana will face federal charges for making and distributing animal crush video. According to Indiana authorities, Scott posted images/videos of herself torturing and brutally murdering cats and dogs in a number […]

UPDATE: Brent Justice animal crush video case

** 2/15/2016 UPDATE: Brent Justice has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. ** This is developing news and we will post updates as the case develops. UPDATE: Brent Justice animal crush case. Two days […]

Update on Richards and Justice Animal Crush Video Case

Texas– Animal Crush Case Update: Ashley Richards (left) was sentenced to 10 years for her part in the animal crush videos that she appeared in. Brent Justice (right) is also charged with animal cruelty for […]

Targeting the Animal Crush Interest

At, we very well understand and agree with everyone who wants animal crush “models” to be stopped. This a given, however, please remember that taking away the ability of animal crush video producers to […]