Well done, STOPCRUSH.ORG South Africa!

A Shoe City advertisement in You and Huisgenoot magazine, SA was circulated on the 26th of May which alluded to animal crush video. Stopcrush.org SA & members of the page shredded them in letters to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa. Replies below were received:

YOU MAGAZINE MESSAGE FROM YOU’S EDITOR LINDA PIETERSEN: “As editor of YOU I am just as shocked as our readers about the Shoe City advertisement in the issue of 26 May. I’m a cat lover and would never support or endorse any form of animal ab…use. We’ve spoken to the advertisers and asked them to post an official statement on our website, which we will share with you. Thank you for taking the time to show your support against the abuse of animals.”

SHOE CITY – SOUTH AFRICA: “We’re very sorry about any offense caused by 20 May’s advertisement in You, Huisgenoot and Drum. We’re committed to animal rights and do not endorse or trivialise cruelty to cats, or to …any other animals…Shoe City respects all its customers and sincerely regrets any offence or emotional distress caused. As a result we have withdrawn further placements of this ad and have taken corrective measures”

Well done, STOPCRUSH.ORG South Africa!
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Shoe City. When you say one thing and do another YOU ARE LYING!!!

If you dont endorse cruelty or trivialise it – how did this advert get past the proposal stage?

It had to be conceputalised by the advertising agency (WHICH ONE???)Then it had to be accepted by your advertising/marketing department before being submitted for publication. How come nobody from Shoe City found it offensive during this entire process?????????????

I would be very interested to hear what the message was that Shoe City WERE trying to convey with this ad……

Well done Stopcrush!!! A seriously inappropriate ad indeed! And I’m so happy that Shoe City responded positively