Philippine authorities draft legislation against animal crush videos

NEWSBYTES.PH, a Philippines on-line news source has reported that Philippine lawmakers are pushing for a law in their nation which will ban animal crush video. The full article can be read here.

Buhay party-list representatives Irwin Tieng and Mariano Michael Velarde are authors of House Bill 4595(Anti-Crush Video Act of 2011), which will further aid in halting their production by closing another loop-hole. Violators of the law, if passed, will face a jail sentence of up to seven years and a fine of up to P300,000. The bill excludes customary and normal veterinary or agricultural husbandry practices, hunting, trapping, or fishing.

“Animal torture is outrageously disturbing. Common decency and morality dictate that those engaged in it should not be profiting from it, they should be imprisoned,” Representative Tieng stated.

Realization in the Philippines that legislation was needed against the videos came swiftly after depictions surfaced via the internet featuring scantily clad Philippine women torturing an animal, and as we had warned on many occasions, specific tortures by such crush producers were being offered at the “request of the buyer”.

We commend the Philippines for taking this matter as seriously as they have and hope for swift legislative action. Together, we will continue to urge every nation to act quickly in regard to drafting legislation against animal crush video.

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Buhay party-list Rep. Irwin Tieng pushes for legislation to ban animal crush video in the Philippines

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i am a filipino and i am ashamed with what my fellow countrymen are doing to these poor animals. i could not believe they did that thing just for the sake of money. i am happy that the PETA in our country is making a step in making the suspects face the consequence of their doings. 100 thousand peso reward is given to those who will give information to the persons behind the crime. i am appealing to the government of the countries with this kind of problem to please make a fast action. please ban the sites that are posting crush videos and punish those criminals. animals, just like humans, are created by God. they have feelings also. animals like dogs and cats love humans. so, we should love them also

To subject a vulnerable creature to torture and pain and derive pleasure from filming or watching this barbaric cruelty is obnoxious. This must be banned and taken off any site that displays it.

dansk. alle mishandler + vidio der er dokoment for totur af dyr, må ikke gemmes i skuffen, hele verden skal vide og se dette, så vi alle kan kæmpe for og stoppe disse modbydelige ting, dyr skal betragtes som LIV med føgelser, og ikke som en klud. ellers kan vi jo ikke reagere for stopning

Terrific new Philippines! Let’s pray Canada’s Government acts as swiftly – Kudo’s to Stop Crush Philippines for all your hard work. In Unity