In regard to the racist accusations against China

We would like to set the record straight for those who love to blame all animal abuse on the Chinese people with continued labeling of the animal crush epidemic as being the “product” of the nation of China. The truth of the matter is that most animal crush video actually does not originate in China and quite frankly, there are more animal crush producers/distributors based in your own “backyard” than you may wish to know about.

Many of you may have seen specific videos with Asian women in them that have been used to make the majority of the mainstream banners and press anti-crush campaigns in the past few years. A good portion of these banners were initially compiled and passed on to others by during the period in between the dismantlement of the original section 48 of the Constitution(Depictions of Animal Cruelty) and the placement of the Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010 to amend that travesty.

We can vouch for the fact that there are crush cells all over the world, “employing” women of all creeds and cultures, however, the crush producers/consumers do seem to have a penchant for young Asian girls(not necessarily even Chinese girls, although, obviously racists wouldn’t know or care in regard to the difference). There are multiple thousands of specific animal crush videos that are currently in existence and circulation. Simply because you have only seen photo stills of or a few specific animal crush videos and they have Asian women in them, this does not mean that most animal crush producers are in fact, Asian, because they are not.

You may or may not care for the Humane Society of the United States. Whether you do or do not, is no matter in regard to this specific issue. They put a great deal of funding into researching animal crush video with a study back in 1999 and found over 3,000 separate videos from all over the world that were readily available for download, even then. This has always been a global epidemic, not a racially specific one.

Many of the women “featured” in animal crush video are underage and a great deal are abducted, raped, beaten, drugged and eventually, they “disappear”. Some of these young women are victims, as much as they are anything else. True, some are not. Some have been known to create sites of their own, such as the group of young females crushing bunnies from nearly a year ago out of China, to which the Chinese people reacted with great anger and had them shut down. There is much more to the issues surrounding animal crush video than you may realize.

To be brutally honest, the most well known crush producer on the planet is of European origin and he also seems to have a penchant for “utilizing”, however, not limiting his tastes to, young Asian women. He is not easy to track. Neither are the animal crush producers/distributors here in the states, or in other countries, who work with him.

Regardless, if you remove the “model” in the videos, she will be replaced, forcibly by crush producers, if needs be, thereby making the point a moot one.

Some of you, who have gone undercover to expose these crush producers and consumers, will understand what we are attempting to relay. Those who simply see the woman in the video and scream for her death(which is an understandable first reaction…please do not think that we are judging you harshly, as this is a horrific subject) have yet to realize the full scope in regard to this issue. We have investigated it, dealt with it, vomited over it and fought against it for years.

These people, animal crush producers and consumers, have severe psychological dysfunctions. If you are under the impression that their their illness is limited to inflicting brutalities upon animals…you are seriously mistaken.

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