A sincere request from the team regarding animal crush depiction on Facebook

SINCERE REQUEST: This message is for everyone who fights against animal crush video. We ask that you please share this message with EVERYONE

When you run across animal crush video depictions(definition: animal torture pornography usually consisting of, but not necessarily limited to, scantily-clad women in high-heeled shoes torturing innocent vertebrae animals for the prurient interest of the viewer of the depictions), whether they be videos or photographs on Facebook, please DO NOT REPORT THEM TO FACEBOOK. Facebook will simply remove them and NEVER notify the authorities.

What to do on Facebook:
#1. Go to our Facebook “REPORT ABUSE” page HERE and report the links to the depictions directly to the FBI as a violation of the Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010, then report to INTERPOL. Both links are available on the STOPCRUSH.ORG “REPORT ABUSE” page. Make sure to mention that these depictions are being housed on Facebook wherever the form asks “where these abusive images or videos were discovered”, even if it is obvious that the links will direct authorities to Facebook.
#2. Please send us or, if you prefer, another animal rights organization that you trust, the links to the depictions along with a copy of the Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010, which can be found HERE at GOVTRACK.US(not necessary to send to us) in case these organizations do not know that it is now a Federal offense to produce, purchase, own or distribute animal crush video, including housing on-line on a U.S. based server, or streaming it into the United States. The connection from sources outside the United States can be permanently blocked.

What else can you do?
Write your Congressperson and/or Senator asking them why this law, which you helped fight to enact, is not being taken as seriously as it should! This is animal torture pornography, in the same category as child pornography, and it needs to be eradicated! Send them the links to these depictions BEFORE getting upset and simply reporting them to Facebook. Facebook will do absolutely nothing but remove the depictions. Go directly to USA.GOV HERE to find your Congressional and Senatorial representatives.

Please keep all of this in mind BEFORE ever reporting to the server itself regarding any form of illegal depictions it houses. If you find an animal rights organization housing illegal animal crush video, or perhaps someone who you believe is acting in good faith, perhaps simply trying to spread awareness of some kind, please contact at us stopcrushteam@yahoo.com if you do not know what to do. Thank you so much for reading and helping to stamp-out animal crush video from our global society.

The team at,

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Hello, Rick. We already have a United States chapter and we were already successful in helping to enact the Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010 in the United States. You can write to stopcrushteam@yahoo.com and request an application to help support the team’s administration on a global scale in other ways.

We have to stop these vile people they are sickos and so vicious everything must be done to halt this NOW