STOPCRUSH.ORG Italy outraged by inadequate penalty for act of animal crush

A 40 year old Italian mother of three was arrested in Milan for posting on-line videos of herself using high-heeled shoes to kill baby chicks, mice and rabbits.

Unfortunately, as there is no clear and strong legislation against animal crush video in Italy, such as the Animal Crush Prohibition Act passed in the United States at the end of 2010, the woman was able to make a deal, pay €4,400(equivalent to almost $6,000), without even spending any time in prison.

The Milan court allowed the woman, whose identity is only being released as Anna B., to enter a plea bargain under a basic form of obscenity and/or animal cruelty, leading to a four months imprisonment penalty, which was converted into the fine of 4,440 euros, instead. The entire team at STOPCRUSH.ORG, every administrator in each nation, finds this penalty most unsuitable and inadequate to fit the crime.

This mother of four lives with her family in a terraced house in Rho(Milan). Again, whilst semi-nude, she crushed cockroaches, mice, chickens and rabbits with her high heels, then posted the sadistic death and perversion that she filmed on-line. She was identified by the police and reported to the Prosecutor of Milan.

The investigation began in 2006, when some animal welfare groups found her videos on-line and alerted the police. It was reported by Lav, the Anti Vivisection League, a group that has been concerned in regard to the spread in Italy of animal crush videos. The team at STOPCRUSH.ORG has always shared that concern in regard to every nation which does not have strict legislation in place against the videos.

“A serious and horrific crime involving the killing of animals committed by an unsuspectable housewife, guilty of brutally crushing and killing animals for the sole purpose of filming their agony,” said the Lav in a statement.

Authorities have already shut down the woman’s website. Computer Forensics were attempting to trace the woman for some time, however, she was very hard to follow, as she would close down her site and reopen a different site with another domain containing the same horrific content.

In light of this “slap on the wrist” penalty, the team at STOPCRUSH.ORG would like to take this moment to extend, once again, an offer of cooperation with all animal rights groups in Italy(in all nations, to be precise) in an effort to urge authorities in said nations, to enact felony-strength legislation against the creation, sale, purchase or distribution of animal crush video. A fine of €4,400 with no prison sentence is not a sufficient penalty for the production of this prurient horror.

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I have been told by people that bugs and worms feel no pain. YouTube has dozens of crush videos depicting bugs, worms and even fish (which I’m sure DO feel pain). I don’t understand why YouTube is not monitoring and weeding out the filth! I flagged and reported the fish crush to them. We’ll see if they even care!

How can these people do this? Heartless pieces of crap. These people need the same treatment given to them, no jail time or fines, an eye for an eye. If this punishment was given, let’s see how many more people continue this stuff.

She should be in jail.! One of these days she’s gonna do the same with her own kids.

If this is legal anywhere in the world then that country needs its morals questioned. If it is acceptable that animals are crushed to death for fun, then what is to stop that country crushing children to death for fun? What’s the difference? Sick, cruel, evil, twisted, depraved, disturbing.