Chinese citizens descend upon home of cat-killer, Zhou Ying

SHANGHAI – A woman who had been purchasing and torturing cats was descended upon at her home by Chinese citizens on Wednesday evening. Some 50 pet owners gathered outside the apartment of Zhou Ying, to confront the 38 year old woman after evidence surfaced that she was murdering the kittens that she adopted and videotaping the killings.

The Global Times reported that a scuffle broke out and police were called to the scene. Everyone involved was taken to a police station and questioned. Apparently, the pet owners were ordered by police to stop harassing Ying, and they only warned her not to harm cats anymore.

“Those people violated my rights,” Ying said in a text message to the Times, adding, “I adopted the cats and I can raise them any way I want.” Ying had sought refuge at the police station Wednesday night, however, returned to her apartment Thursday to retrieve some belongings before fleeing.

Citizens in China are absolutely furious that no action has been taken against her. “It’s so sickening as I still remember the day in November last year when Zhou came to my apartment to adopt the cat,” cat owner Caphy Yang, 24, told the Daily.

“She held the cat in her arms to kiss it in front me, wearing such a kind-hearted face and kept calling it ‘my dearest baby,” Yang added. “When I wanted to pay a visit to my kitty, I called her 20 times but she never picked up the phone.”

One of the kittens adopted by Ying ended up being choked to death, stuffed into a bag and thrown out of a window. Cleaning staff at the building stated that they often found the bodies of dead cats, some of which were headless, in trash bins on the property. The protesting pet owners stated that the abuse had been going on for some 10 years.

According to news reports, certain Chinese citizens have stated that if the authorities do not intervene in regard to this matter, someone else just might.

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We would like to remind everyone that we do not promote violence. It is our opinion that the Chinese government should have done more in this case and should also, implement strict laws against animal cruelty. Apparently, the cat-killer woman, Zhou Ying, has been attacked by Chinese citizens outraged over her horrific violence against animals and the lack of police response surrounding the case. Citizens in China want animal protections put in place and they are obviously willing to fight for them. Message to the Chinese government: Please listen to your citizens.

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She is a sociopath and psychopath and very dangerous to society. I’m not sorry to say that those who beat the crap out of her did it because they are frustrated with her getting away with murder. SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED AWAY FROM ALL LIVING BEINGS!!! She’s no different from Dahmer or Bundy.

Good for those people for rising up and standing for what they believe in because nothing was being done by the authorites. If I found out someone who senselessly tortured animals lived near me, and the authorities refused to do anything, I would gladly make my way there and kick their ass.

Mentally sick bitch, she got what she deserved. I’d beat the shit out of her personally if I were there

This bitch should be fed into a wood chipper and her soul burned in hell for eternity.

“I adopted the cats and I can raise them any way I want.” Thing is, she’s not raising them. But hey, if that’s her logic, then let’s adopt her and ‘raise’ her any way we want, too.

I’ve ever been one for world courts, nor erosion of privacy rights, or limitations on personal freedoms, but there are REAL victims to this kind of abuse. I would support a worldwide agency devoted to identifying, and properly prosecuting people who torture animals. Probation is NOT an appropriate punishment in these cases, but I won’t let my emotions get the better of me and make some punishment suggestions. Let’s just say, for someone with a propensity for torturing animals, that person should NEVER have another opportunity to do it again.

I think some people use animals to take out their own frustrations on. These people are mentally tortured inside and get some kind of “relief” by inflicting as much pain and agony on the most helpless and innocent animals they can. They have no sense of empathy nor sympathy for the animals. To them, the animal is just a piece of meat, or even a vegetable and it’s pain is of no consequence. These people are amongst the most mentally ill people alive.

To be honest, I really enjoy seeing her like that. The world doesn’t need cruel heartless people like her. Hope those people will keep watching her.

Clearly this woman is a psycho. No person in their right mind would ever commit these horrible acts of cruelty. The Chinese better lock her up before she moves on to humans…

been tracking these lowlifes for the past few years – its a great feeling to know their entire industry is under attack

hopefully – we’ll rid the world at last

in the uk dogs and cats are mans best freinds we love them if is happen in the uk this woman would not get away with it you must do something

I do think living tissue like her can only understand violence and that is exactly what she deserves, with death as an ending.

I shake my head every day and ask just what drives a person to commit such cruelty? I don’t promote violence, I do however promote severe jail time and therapy for this woman..

Come on…The police has to do something. Murdering any creature on earth needs to be arrested and Locked away. Animals have rights to!

Ying should meet the same fate as she did to the kitties.The authorities had no right to interfere.I HOPE Ying gets what she deserves!!