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For those inquiring as to what STOPCRUSH.ORG administrators do and how they can help, we need several different kinds of administrators, as well as volunteers. Not everyone is cut out for certain roles, so it is good that there are a few roles to fill. There are some important tasks that administrators do aside from the basic administration of Facebook branches and the promotion of that specific branch, petitions, etc…

Three important tasks are:

1. Lobbying lawmakers to implement legislation against the creation, sale, purchase and distribution of these videos. This may include helping to introduce a petition to an MP, or simply writing to several lawmakers on a regular basis, asking for their support. Developing a rapport with lawmakers is essential. Certain people have a good ability to do this. Being polite and friendly with them is helpful. Always express our(the entire team, as well as those who support the effort) concerns in regard to the dangers of animal crush video.

2. Work undercover on-line in exposing crush rings and record information. We are always watching them and recording what they do, collecting files, making connections, investigating their websites.

3. Contacting and work with authorities in regard to specific cruelty cases, as well as reporting negative content. As with the Magnotta case, it is important that we make sure authorities know who these people are if we want laws strengthened against them. Authorities were warned by many groups/individuals about Mr. Magnotta long before he murdered a human being. Perhaps now, they will listen to all of us more closely when we send them information.

We do understand that not everyone is cut out for some of what we do and our administrators also take breaks from the work, help other administrators, or simply come back when they are feeling more clear. Sometimes that is necessary, depending on emotional stress level. Some administrators only do lobbying work because they don’t want to see any of the negative imagery or deal with any of the animal crush related content, producers or consumers, and we understand that. Some administrators only help administrate pages, promote petitions and do translation work. Again, we need help in several areas and no one is asked to do what they can not do.

Currently, we sincerely need more voices in the United Kingdom and in Canada. We will have to win the support of MP’s in both nations. We have had some promising communications, but we need more voices behind the effort in both countries to press these MP’s to stand up against animal crush video. We also need individuals willing to go undercover in the United Kingdom, to expose and record the sale of animal crush video. If authorities in the United Kingdom can not already see why they should take this issue seriously, we have to show them why they should.

As we always have, we owe you our gratitude…
The team at,

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I cling to Jesus’ promise of a new heaven and earth, because else I have no hope for humanity anymore. I will pray your efforts will lead to legal bans all over the world (the fact that we need to fight for this already saddens me deeply), I will pray you will be given the strength to fight for this good cause, I will donate to you. God bless you, God save those animals, God work miracles in the hearts and psyches of those sick, evil people who make, order and buy these disgusting, evil videos.

Hi, I’m from Canada. I have not watched any of the videos because I am very, very horrified by any form of animal abuse. But I don’t need to watch to know how horrible it is, in all of its forms. I don’t know if I’m ready to do something as major as dealing with and exposing the content directly, but do you have any resources to help with contacting MPs and changing the laws here and such? I’m really disappointed that Harper hasn’t taken any steps to stop this like Obama did. Please let me know everything I can do at this point in time. Thank you!

I would love to use these dumb bitch’s SKINS as Car Seat Covers!!!! No, better yet, I would do the same thing they are doing to these helpless animals to THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS & MAKE THEM WATCH!!! .. That should teach them a lesson!!! Am I Insane? Yes, I am when it comes to getting revenge on an innocent animal!

I didn’t learn about crush videos very long ago, but I am disgusted to the point of absolute tears.

Sad to say, however, this thoroughly sickening act doesn’t even surprise me.

Not to say it shouldn’t be stopped, and the persecuters of it tormented for every second they placed an ill finger to those poor defenseless creatures.

It’s times like these I believe vigilante homicide should be allowed…

Hi, my name is Julia Toomey and I am from the Northeastern part of the United States, an hour west of Boston. I am a member of the HSUS and I first learned about crush videos about a year ago through them. Of course I was horified, never knew such a thing existed, it is simply mind boggling. I just found your website tonight and read about Luka Rocco Magnotta, an obvious phycopath. It makes my heart ache at the thought of these poor animals suffering at the hands of these types of people every day, it is just too much to bear. I have been involved with many different aspects of animal rescue on various levels for about 25 years and have seen some pretty disturbing things but not quite as horific as this. Because of the obvious emotional toll that is involved with rescue, I have had to take several breaks over the years and then I return to what I am passionate about. I will fight for our voiceless friends until I take my last breath. As painful as it can be, I know that we are their voice and if we the people don’t stand up for them, then this will continue. As you know, most people don’t even want to hear about animal abuse because it is too painful for them. I can acctually envision peoples body language if I bring it up, they actually cringe their body as if they are in physical pain followed by a response of, PLEASE….don’t tell me, I can;t even listen to it!! So, because I feel that I have prepared myself over the years, I would like to offer any help with your organization, I cannot just sit back and allow this to happen and would like to be part of the solutiion. Just to let you know, I would not make a good lobbiest, I am not very politically incline, however, I am a pretty good detective. I hope that someday this cruel barbaric act will become just a part of history.