Sadistic Animal Torturer Tracked By Internet Activists, Suspect Named: Luka Magnotta

PLEASE NOTE: We have removed our prior entries dated December 26th, 2010, January 2nd 2011 and January 9th, 2011 regarding the kitten vacuum killer (allegedly now named: Luka Magnotta) as some of the alleged “facts” we were asked to post by various sources were, upon further investigations, incorrect. We have updated this article to reflect correct information.

Sadistic Animal Torturer Tracked By Internet Activists, Suspect Named: Luka Magnotta.

Luka Magnotta aka Luka Rocco Magnotta

On the 21st of December 2010, a video surfaced on the internet of a young man who suffocated two kittens in a plastic bag whilst a John Lennon song played Happy Christmas in the background. The original video was hosted by an anonymous user on YouTube using the name Uonlywish500. The video was removed almost immediately but not before the internet community of animal rights activists got wind of it, less than an hour after the video was released, a Facebook group, For Great Justice, surfaced to track the killer.

In a little more than a week, one of the users reported a suspicious comment with an admission of guilt posted from this Facebook account among claims of child pornography and heinous sex acts.

After an intense investigation another anonymous tip resulted in the positive identification of a struggling porn star and part-time model Luka Magnotta. Reportedly known for drugs, wild parties, attention getting and sexual clubs, his name is somewhat well known in Canada (possibly his place of birth), and the Northern United States regarding an alleged involvement with Karla Homolka, a known serial killer. Luka, alleged to be around 25 years of age, may also be currently in Montpelier, France, or London, England, and perhaps travels frequently.

We further state that we at and the For Great Justice Group believe that this suspect, Luka Magnotta, will move up from murdering animals to murdering people. We at have stated this before and will state it here again, what we are witnessing is the birthing of a sado-sexual serial killer. If authorities do not begin to take our warnings, and the warnings of For Great Justice, seriously, the authorities will eventually find suspect Magnotta has indeed, moved up from torturing and murdering animals to torturing and murdering humans.

It is sick enough that the murderer is torturing and murdering animals and allegedly uploading this video (and possibly more videos that have not been discovered yet as of this writing) on line and the authorities are, to our knowledge, not taking this serious enough to warrant an investigation. It may be only when he has begun to murder humans, that authorities will take notice and get involved. We are hopeful that the authorities will take action prior to that.

Over the course of time spent searching for this killer, numerous activists, thousands of people, working hard, have spent countless hours of their personal lives to tracking him down to bring him to justice. We support and will continue to help in any way the group For Greater Justice and the relentless non-stop investigations and tracking they are doing to catch this man. The activists involved in this investigation, including ourselves, have turned all information over to police and international authorities, and will continue to do so.

It is our hope that the authorities will take all information and locate this man.

Please note the images in this article are of the suspect, Luka Magnotta(also known as the vacuum killer, or the kitten killer). It is our opinion, that this man will kill again, and keep on killing until he is stopped.

We need stronger laws in all countries to protect animals. Now that animal crush video is banned in the United States, we are currently waging a campaign to have the depictions outlawed globally. Our current specific campaigns are in Canada, the United Kingdom, Greece, and the Philippines.

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