Correcting a false label levied against the Philippines

In regard to a recent letter and post sent to PETA supporters by the organization, we would like to correct part of their statement which labels the Philippines as “ground zero” for animal crush video.

Animal crush video is produced all over the world. It is not localized to the Philippines and contrary to what PETA has stated in their article, the Philippines is not “ground zero” for animal crush video. As a point of fact, the Philippines is in general, a conservative nation where citizens(as well as government officials) would like nothing better than to outlaw the entire animal crush interest altogether. The problem that we are facing in the nation is that extreme conservative political groups have attempted to place their own “riders” into the bill, which have nothing to do with banning animal crush videos. These “riders” have created a bottleneck through the legal process (much like what happens in other countries).

We are confident that this will eventually be sorted out and when it does, animal crush video will be outlawed in the Philippines. In response to the statement that the Philippines is “ground zero” for animal crush video, we will simply say that it would behoove us all as animal protection activists, to NOT wrongfully throw an entire nation of people “under the bus” in the process of promoting our message and garnering support.

At, we have an “open-door” policy within the activist community. This means that for anyone or any group that has questions regarding animal crush video, we will answer said queries to the very best of our abilities and knowledge when asked.
We would like to add that this post is not an attack against PETA or any group, we merely wish to clear up a misconception that may have been perpetuated by the newsletter. We thank those who brought the newsletter to our attention.

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