In Loving Memory of Irish Cornaire: Beloved Sister, Friend, and Fellow Activist

It is with very heavy heart that we announce the passing of Irish Cornaire, a founding member of, and a devoted animal rights activist. Irish was a dear friend, a sister, a mother, a wife, a colleague, and a tireless champion for all those suffering, or oppressed. She was a relentless campaigner for freedom.

We honour her life, her legacy, and her profound compassion, which always compelled her to reach out to help those in need, human and animal alike. Her passion to make the world a better place compelled all who knew her to strive to be better humans.

Irish met with elected officials, volunteered at numerous animal shelters, set up cat colonies, and coordinated many protests to speak out for animals and humans. She worked to have ordinances and laws implemented which protect and better the lives of children and animals. She was, and remains, a shining beacon for what humans could aspire to be. Selfless, deeply impassioned, fiery, direct, honest, with a lively sense of humour, and an untamed spirit.

Service memorial calling hours will be held for Irish at the Cummings Funeral Service, 214 Sterling St. Watertown, NY on Tuesday May 2nd from 10am to Noon. Irish is deeply missed and mourned. 

Her spirit lives on in all of us. We love you Irish, and we know your soul is a part of all life, everywhere. May your unwavering light guide us all on our journeys to be the highest and best versions of ourselves.  Your light shall forever live on and illuminate the continued beauty in this world, and beyond.

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