House votes to outlaw sales of ‘crush videos’ documenting animal cruelty: Now it is back up to the Senate

H.R. 5566 was passed with revision again. It appears that special interest groups have gotten some of the wording altered as per their concerns. The Senate will now have to vote on this bill once again. Below is an article written by

Jim Abrams, Associated Press

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WASHINGTON — The House on Monday voted to ban so-called crush videos that depict the abuse and killing of animals.

The measure would revive, with some modifications, a 1999 law that was struck down by the Supreme Court in April on the grounds it was too broadly written and violated 1st Amendment free speech protections.

Congress has been trying since then to come up with a more narrowly crafted law, and the measure the House passed still differs slightly from a version approved by the Senate in September. It now goes back to the Senate.

“We need a law that stays on the books,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) said in explaining the decision to tinker with the Senate language.

The bill was the first to be taken up in the lame-duck session of Congress that opened Monday.

The legislation, which the House originally passed in July, would make it a crime to sell or distribute videos that violate bans on animal cruelty by showing animals being burned, drowned, suffocated or impaled.

Such videos appeal to a sexual fetish by showing women, often barefoot or wearing high heels, stomping small animals to death.

Every state bans animal cruelty, but it has been difficult to apply those laws to crush videos because they often do not show faces, dates or locations. The legislation makes interstate sale of such videos a crime subject to fines and imprisonment.

Conyers said the House took out a Senate provision that made punishments for attempting or conspiring to make the videos equal to punishments for a completed product. He said that could cause constitutional issues.

Betsy Dribben, vice president for government relations at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, expressed frustration at the delay. “We’re concerned about the animals being killed and we’re also concerned about the social ramifications,” she said, citing opinions that cruelty to animals can be a catalyst to violence against humans.

Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.), a sponsor of the original bill in 1999, said in a previous statement that famed killers such as Ted Bundy and Ted Kaczynski tortured or killed animals before killing people.

The legislation makes exceptions for films depicting hunting, trapping and fishing.

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— Jim Abrams, Associated Press

Photo: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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The only way to change something its with a bigger stick the only way to change the fact that people will treat animals like they should be treated as kind and loving affectionate living defenseless creations of god Is to make the know how these animals feel I Ask you if you could loose your life the say way these animals loose theirs would you even think of it I think not so my conclusion would be militaristic action against all who support this cruel and satanic act fuck laws they don’t don’t shit its time to take arms brothers and sister strike Defend these children of the theses poor creatures all they want is love and what they get is a horrible slow and painful death So yes i am saying if you want something done start doing it your self and show these fucks we mean business that we will not stand for this behavior free speech my ass To ARMS!!! these people are fucking pussies

Absolutely horrrific! I hope to hear a law is passed and ENFORCED. Anyone who posts or forwards any of these videos are just as guilty as the ones involved in making them. SICK SICK SICK.

I’m now aware of this Horrible Act. I have Never in my life have heard of this, or would ever think anyone could ever think of doing something like this.

We need very strong laws. Take away all their rights, meaning, drivers lincense & etc. Would you want these Monsters working for you? I did make my first call to Nancy Polosie, voicemail, also signed a petition against this.

This can’t go on. Let us Help the Animals email, mail a letter, call. Stronger Laws for Offenders,

I and many others left messages on Tom Coburn’s website. Hopefully with all of the outrage and concern due to this legislation, the bill will be passed.

Not only should the videos be banned, most importantly Crushing, intentionally abusing animals/pets, should also be banned. If theres tough enough law out there against animal abuse, then there won’t be the video content to show.

That is an extremely kind thing to say. We were aware of the fact that it was being posted to facebook and all links have been reported. Soon, there will be laws in America banning these videos even on private servers. If the current bill does not pass into law, then we will fight for a new one. The animals deserve no less. Please keep hope. There are decent people fighting against such abuse.