Our letter to channel 11 & the Advertising Standards Board NZ regarding the The Next Top Model commercial

Please use the letter below and send to the executives at channel 11 & the Advertising Standards Board

Although the advert is not being shown in New Zealand, at present, according to the New Zealand Advertising Boards response to our inquiry, that doesn’t mean it wont be. At present, the advert is being streamed into Australia. We have both email addresses below. Please focus primarily on the Australian Advertising Standards Board.

Network Ten: tenwebsite@ten.com.au

Channel 11 email: tenwebsite@networkten.com.au

Australian Advertising Standards Board email: administration@adstandards.com.au

NZ Advertising Standards Board email: asa@asa.co.nz

Facebook fan page for New Zealand’s Next Top Model: http://www.facebook.com/nzntm

Please sign Stephanie Feldstein’s petition (there are links in the petition as well to use) at Change.org: http://animals.change.org/blog/view/inew_zealands_next_top_modeli_mocks_animal_cruelty_fetish

To the executives at channel 11 & the Advertising Standards Board,

Many who have helped us from around the globe to pressure law makers in the United States to pass legislation which bans animal crush video as obscene, find your choice of content allowance, appalling, to say the least.

We are writing in direct response to the ad which corresponds to the “New Zealand’s Next Top Model” which blatantly not only alludes to animal crush video, also shows women walking on animal skins as though they were nothing more than dirt underneath their heels. This attempt to be “edgy”, appealing to younger viewers by showing women trampling all over animals’ skins and alluding to animal crush video is by and large, done in less than poor taste. Here is the YouTube link to the ad we are speaking of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdFEq03OxLE

In the event that you did not realize what an animal crush video is, which we believe is unlikely, when you find out, you may see things the way that we do.

Crush videos feature small live animals being slowly tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable. All of these videos share a common theme, that being, the animals are incrementally crushed to death by a woman in high heels. This is a sick and twisted prurient interest and the videos have become more popular in recent years. Their existence has become widespread, which is degrading our society and obviously, abusing animals.

Recently, a grass-roots movement has helped ban these videos as obscene in the United States. Many of the supporters to the cause who helped us enact that law live in Australia and New Zealand. We wonder what your viewers would think about this ad?

The simple fact of the matter is that all those around the world who fought very hard to make animal crush video illegal in America find your choice of programming to be despicable. We urge you to reconsider airing this ad and to issue a public statement of apology, in order to set a proper example.

the team at
STOPCRUSH.ORG & the AELLA(Alliance for Earth, Life, Liberty & Advocation)



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