The Animal Welfare Coalition reports on animal crush video in the Philippines reported yesterday that the The Animal Welfare Coalition made the statement after discovering that animal crush videos are made in the Philippines. We have always known that animal crush videos have been proliferating in many nations, including the Philippines. We have also known all too well for some time, the level to which these animal torturers have taken the horrid “industry”.

For years, those who “consume” these prurient and detestable videos have been able to find websites based around the globe where they can “request” specific types of animal torture/abuse from the animal crush producers and their “models”. We have spoken in regard to this particular issue in the past during interviews.

Animal crush video has become a major threat to our world’s youth and the deterioration of our global society.

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wala na ba kayong makain kaya ganyan nalang naisip nyong pagkakitaan? grabe sobrang kahihiyan kayo!

We are sorry Jeannie. The translator is making it difficult for us to understand what you have written.

What Jeannie approximately said is this, “Haven’t you [the people in the videos] anything at all to eat that this is how you choose to earn money? Seriously, you people are an incredible source of shame!”

It makes me so furious. It makes me so sick. I can’t look at the picture. If I could I would take the law into my own hands. This scum has no right to life on this planet.