Facebook administration requests for STOPCRUSH.ORG branches

The team at STOPCRUSH.ORG needs more voices around the world, not only to aid with legal groundwork, but to help show global lawmakers what animal crush video is, why it should not be allowed any more than child pornography because it is socially degrading by the desensitizing of our youth.

What we ask from administrators in their respective nations, aside from the obvious(administration of the facebook presence representing your country and helping us to properly translate through any language barrier) which pertains to keeping all actions legal, not promoting any violent or illegal acts, not generating any negative racial comments or allowing it to propagate on any of the Stopcrush.org facebook pages, nor attacking or allowing others to attack other environmental/animal rights groups, is to speak with your representatives, lawmakers or legislature. Help us research where exactly, the laws stand in regard to animal crush videos in your nation. Please bear in mind that facebook is housed on a United States based server and the actual depiction of animal crush video is now completely illegal in the United States. It is in the same category as child pornography. The penalty for buying, selling, housing or possessing said depictions carry a hefty fine and a 7 year prison sentence. This is not a problem for the campaign. We can help you generate a good media, banners and fliers that do not depict the actual “act”. We have always felt that a well adjusted human being not need to see this horror to know that it is wrong any more than one would need to see child pornography in order to know that it needs to be fought against.

Ask your nation’s lawmakers what penalties exist, if any, in regard to animal crush video. Help us find out just how you can make those laws stronger against the videos if said laws are not strong enough. What proper channels must be taken in order to bring these people, who promote violence through the generation and sale of these videos, to justice? Together, we legally cut off animal crush video in every nation. This is the goal of stopcrush.org.

It is sickening to think that our children must live in a world where animal crush video is available to them at the click of a computer mouse or that they walk the same streets as those who buy these videos and pleasures themselves to them.

Individuals who gain a sick sense of pleasure from such detestable depictions should not be given access to these videos, animals or our children, they should either be in prison or in serious psychological therapy. Serial murderers are pleasured by torture, not well adjusted human beings.

Please click HERE for a download of our volunteer application and return it completed to Stopcrushteam@yahoo.com.

Thank you for standing with us,

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We are helping you cross post everything you post on FB… please advice if there is anything that we can help…we will try our best to help out. we are against animal abuse 100%. thank you for all you do!