What Does the Animal Crush Prohibition Act Mean To Animals?

The Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010 is a significant piece of legislature that, for only the second time in history(the first being when child pornography was banned in the early 1980’s), a form of “speech” was classified as a prurient obscenity on a federal level in the United States. Some overlook this fact and what it means to animals, moving forward. To us, it is a step in a proper direction toward what truly equates to animals having rights. This was the reason why we fought so hard to pressure lawmakers into placing animal crush video into the same category as child pornography.

When the original animal depiction of cruelty section of the constitution(section 48) was dismantled in April of 2010, we knew that there were some decent human beings in our legislature who would propose a new bill. We were not surprised to see that Congressman Elton Gallegly had generated two of the bills, staunchly opposed by the ACLU, whilst Congressman Gary Peters pushed for the third and was severely blasted in the press by the ACLU, NRA, as well as the Heritage Foundation because the bill in question could have possibly affected the revenue in hunting interests.

The bills entered into the House of Representatives were HR 5566, HR 5092 and HR 5337, none of which effectively banned the videos with focused and specific wording, but each had a foundation to work with. We backed and supported them all, as we knew the House and Senate would alter the bills, one way or the other, as they always do. They realized, as we did, that a bill had to be crafted and tailored, in order to stand a chance.

What we had asked of everyone who supported our initiative, was to write/call their House Representatives and Senators, not only pressuring them to pass the final tailored bill(HR 5566), but also to ask that the bill be strengthened, which the Senate finally agreed with, turning HR 5566(Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act of 2010) into HR 5566(Crush Prohibition Act of 2010).

So many of you put a great amount of effort, pressuring them to classify animal crush video as deviant, obscene, prurient abuse. Even those who supported us from overseas were writing to our legislature, helping United States citizens pressure our lawmakers to ban the videos. When the Senate finally did alter HR 5566, which again, was originally focused on interstate commerce, because of staunch pressure from the people, it became the Animal Crush Prohibition Act, which now bans all animal crush depiction in the United States…period.

As far as some, who have expressed concern in regard to animal crushers “going underground” due to laws like these being put in place, making it harder to find them, the simple answer is that they always were “underground”. This isn’t something you generally bring up in a church group or a PTA meeting. People do not go about saying, “Yeah, I make some extra cash on the side by paying women to torture and crush animals to death on camera”. As far as we see it, or any decent, civilized human being would see it, these videos are a horrendous example of human depravity and should be banned, just as child pornography is banned.

Without laws focused on making these depictions completely illegal, you leave a door open. It is nearly impossible to prosecute the producers of these videos without proper legislation. You can never identify those who generate the videos if the act alone is the only crime. Even if you could prosecute the women in the videos by identifying them as the perpetrator, the producers will simply replace them.

In truth, and please do not take this as an excuse for the “models”(very loose terminology) in the videos, but many of these young women are runaways, kidnapped, drugged, forced to “perform”. We are not saying that these women do not have severe psychological issues or that they are not extremely disturbed individuals. Some of them may indeed even “enjoy” what they are doing. They obviously should be taken off the streets, however, the real danger is behind the camera. The producers are the ones who need to be caught and they are the real danger to life, including our children.

It is well documented fact that there is a connection between animal brutality leading toward to abuse of human life. Almost every single serial killer studied and vigorously interviewed by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations admitted to torturing and mutilating animals first, especially in childhood, prior to moving on to human victims. To us, life is life and they are one in the same.

Animal crush video perpetuates in every nation. It is not specific to one location or country. This is an underground illness, not unlike child pornography, which is hidden from the eyes of the general populace. It is one of humanity’s “dirty little secrets” that many do not wish to deal with. This is why we generated Stopcrush.org and this is why we backed Elton Gallegly’s long fight to put into place, law in the United States that would severely criminalize any involvement in the production, sale, purchase or viewing of these depictions.

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How can this be considered hidden if it is on youtube.Like child abuse..many people know or knew children were being emotionally or physically abused but few are willing to put there necks out to and do what it takes to stop the abuse

I hate Animal Abuse! The More Info.We Know,The Better We Can Help! I Learn More And More Everyday on Facebook! People R Very Cruel,Sick Individuals! Thank You For Sharing,We Need To All Work Together To Stop Animal Abuse Once And For All

Thank you for this blog, I am passionate about this. I was looking at some Failblog vids on youtube, and I seen a title saying “Woman kills kitten with high heel shoes”, Im like WTF? I vaguely knew about this, and signed a petition on Humane society.org at the time it was being outlawed. But it seemed as if someone posted this vid recently to Youtube. Why would someone post something so HORRIFIC on “Youtube”? And why DO something so horrible? I despise cruelty.

I was told they put this stuff on here so we and others who don’t realize. What really goes on and by showing a video it will help others to understand the urgency to help stop this

Teresa, whoever told you that is either someone who “gets off” on animal crush video or they simply do not like us, personally.
Do you think that child pornography should be legal so that people can see how horrible it is?
This is a sick, twisted prurient obscenity that needs to be outlawed all over the world.