Please sign the petition: U.K. Parliament – Outlaw animal crush video by enacting legislation with severe penalties

 For many of us, proper sleep has not be on the agenda. There has been little more important to us than this fight against the vile, horrific presence of crush video in our society. If it were not for the animals suffering and the profound support given to us from our friends around the world, there were times, we dare say that we would not have had the strength to continue. In turn, too many of our close friends have been more then just “broken” when faced with the reality of crush videos (animal torture pornography) and with good reason. With recent global and governmental “follies” wreaking havoc on our collective emotional states, animals and the planet, we must find within each other, the strength to move forward for all life.

When the Supreme Court(minus Justice Alito) voted to dismantle the original animal cruelty depiction law(enacted under the Clinton administration in 1999) in April 2010, stripping animals of what little protection from the depiction of cruelty that existed, our hearts sank. We mourned every evening for all of the animals being systematically slaughtered by those who from that moment, could legally gain monetary profit, as well as a detestable prurient pleasure from their torture. With no legislation in place standing in the way of the sadists who distribute these videos in America, websites began sprouting all over the internet.

On the evening of the law’s dismantling, servers around the United States actually crashed for a few hours due to the number of “snuff” and/or “crush” videos that were uploaded by the crush producers in a “free for all” mass murder fest. Several of us, who were known to crushers as being staunch “anti’s” received video in our email in-boxes from a few well known animal murdering producers, gloating over the ruling. These crushers know us well and they were simply basking in the glow of their new found freedom to torment us. That freedom was temporary, thanks to hard working activists and some good people in our legislature who fought for the Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010. Until it was passed, the crush producers certainly laughed in our faces whilst they line their pockets at the expense of the innocent lives of helpless animals.

We have spent much of ourselves working to network and ask American citizens to contact their representatives in an effort to enact an amendment since the original law was stricken down and the supporters of the anti-crush movement have been beside us the entire way. So, for those who had expected that by the time a bill had passed into law protecting animals from crushers, we would have been beaten so far into submission that we would no longer be able to fight this cruelty, we say that you underestimate the resolve of those who support us. It is true that we have had our fill of the tears of many close friends and colleagues. It is true that we have been attacked from the inside and out, but you can not break us. We are here to stay and we will be a thorn in the sides of brutality and oppression so long as a despicable practice such as this exists.

Since our group seems to have a particular knack for being attacked by sociopaths, psychopaths, animal murderers, and even fanatics from within the movement, we have a message for these “dregs” of humanity. The team at STOPCRUSH.ORG will not bow or buckle, nor will we falter or placate to egos, threats or attacks.

For crushers in America, this is a warning. You had better crawl back into the holes that you scattered out from because we have plans bent on finding you now that the Animal Crush Prohibition Act is in place, making the videos illegal again. Those of you within the United States who are filming this gutter horror will be rooted out, turned in to the proper authorities and the team at STOPCRUSH.ORG will continue working with other activists, globally to help support an initiative to erase this twisted, prurient interest from the face of our world. We will do everything in our power to turn each human eye upon you. We are coming for you.

Please support the STOPCRUSH.ORG initiative urging the United Kingdom Parliament to outlaw the creation, sale, distribution, purchase and/or ownership of animal crush video, placing severe penalties on any infraction by signing and promoting our petition HERE.

To every individual who has stood behind and beside us: Any group is only as effective as its supporters and we have the absolute best. We have cried with you and you have been our compass. You are in our hearts.

The Team At



I’m so filled with rage and anger! These sick twisted people need more done to them then just a slap on the wrist! If I ever find anyone doing this crap I’ll end it myself!

Go, go, go! Only if you do things like these your stay in the world means a huge difference… Dont fuckin give up; our thoughts are with you guys! And we´re doing our best here too, trying to keep a very strict eye and evaluate very seriously those interested adoptants for feral animals. Thank you thank you thank you for the BALLS and tons of strength, light and blessings from Argentina!… <3 <3

What is wrong with these souless freaks? They need to be punished for these crimes.

I’ve seen inhumane acts before, but these people do absolutely evil and horrifying acts. How can anyone do this to such innocent creatures? You folks here at StopCrush are my heroes for being their voice and I am behind you 100%!

I am proud to help! I just posted this on my fb and have shared it with my friends. After researching all of this I have been inspired to volunteer at an animal shelter to help.

Whatever I can do to help in any shape or form to help end this atrocity please let me know. I have been on the TV show Dead Famous, Psychic Kids and many others. I am a proud owner of cats my whole life and a brand new adorable kitten that was just added to the family. I will not tolerate any animal or child cruelty and just witnessed seeing some photos that tore my soul apart about this horrible disgraceful thing called Crush. Please let me know how I can help or inform people of anything we can do.
-Chris Fleming

We are coming for you. Every last one. I would wish that you check into a psychiatric hospital now and start healing, but if you continue your evil – yes, we are coming for you.

Thank you so much for having the strength to continue your work. I am in complete admiration of your team ! Stay strong guys!

This needs to stop it is senseless and who is to say the people doing this will only use animals and not decide to step things up.

thankyou for all your amazing work getting the word out about these disgusting inhumane beings!!!! you are in my prayers to stop these seriously tweeked people forever!!!!!
carin 🙂

I will forward your pledge at to my contacts. This is horrific. I feel so sickened by it I think this is really an issue we all should be concerned about. Just imagine what these people are capable of? Poor animals, we can not give their lives back or take away their suffering but we can prevent it at least by banning it. Hopefully this sick people will be put away. Who enjoys, produces or promotes this kind of videos must have some real issues and AT LEAST should be in jail. Regarding a divine punishment… Karma or hell. I don´t know. They will pay anyhow! My real prayers are for the souls of those animals who suffered in those videos. I send them my love to wherever they are… My prayers are for those animals and beings who still suffer because of the human race…

I am translating your writings into Turkish , adding more materials from others sites, and will put them on our site about animal liberation.The warning above is a good one,these sick people need to be dealt with proper responses.


Crush films . . . just when you think you’ve seen it all, the human race sinks to deeper levels of depravity and cruelty.

These films are simply disgusting. I wholeheartedly agree that the scum that make and participate in such trash should be mutilated and killed in the same, if not more painful ways. I would take great pleasure in kicking one of the women in these films to within an inch of her life – it is the absolute least she deserves. Why is it that Asians seem to be most prolific in terms of animal abuse? It seems there is no living entity they will not torture, abuse, torment, eat and drive to the brink of extinction. I for one know who I would rather see teetering on the brink of extinction …

There is a Hell. Maybe most don’t believe in it, but I certainly do, because these people have reserved their one-way tickets to it. The souls of the animals they’ve destroyed will bask somewhere else in contentment, with no memory of the suffering, but these evil monsters will forever burn in Hell of their OWN making. I’m not a fundamentalist, but I sure believe people reap the evil that they sow.

Think of this:
What are we when we only look upon those that do wrong and not do anything? What are we when we accept cruelty on animal and mankind?
What are we when we shout hatred at others but want love?
What are we when we do not tolerate the believes and thoughts of others?
What are we when we do not accept that all are breaths and beings of Creation?
What are we when we can be so cruel and yet require loving from others?
What are we when we allow guns to be the bread of our societies?
What are we when we want to silence the truth and let the lie live?
What are we when we rather would see the world end than to see the life it offers?
What are we
Would a human crush an animal or burn it alive and then ask for respect and love from anther?
Would a human sell you a gun to make money and not see the hunger for food?
Would a human spread virusses to those he do not like, instead of curing the ailments?
Would a human live for every sent at the expense of the deaths of others?
Would a human…..
Yes a human will do this
And that is the sadness –
that humans want love but do not want to give
that humans want respect but do not share it
that humans wants all but do not wish it on others
for the human race is selfish and that is why it does not see the cruelty that is alive in its soul – it does not see the pain it is causing – it does not hear the cries of the sick and elderly – it does not hear the death of nature.
It is time that those that believe in the behold of life stand up and start to change the thoughts of humankind.
We are love, we can give love
As we are love, we can care
As we can care, we can help
As we can help, we can protect
As we can protect we can bring the sacred breath of live to all
It is time that we protect that which is given to us to care about.
Stop animal cruelty – stop cruelty towards humans – stop cruelty towards nature!

I clicked on a link once thinking it was something else and saw one of these videos where an Asian lady stomped on a kitten with her stiletto heel. It is without doubt the worst thing I have ever seen, and unbelievably distressing. It is bad enough that these videos are made and these harmless creatures are tortured and killed but think of what atrocities the people who watch these videos for pleasure get up to, to other animals or humans.

P.S. I was wondering if you could tell me exaxtly what bills that you are trying to get passed? and what ones already are, I am a little confused on that…

♥ a Shelter ^..^

Thank You & Blessings…



Stop Cruelty To Animals Wild & Domestic

I just wanted you to know that this topic breaks my heart so very much, I am dedicating my support, with my pages (listed below)I am going to post a complete write up on this horrific practice with petitions, links, everything I can find to put in my report, then I will post it in my groups & pages, and I might even make a web site about this as well, any advice you can give would be great, and I look forward to working with you to bring these sick people down!!! I am also a huge supporter in stopping Puppy Mills, and I am going to devote just as much passion to stopping this as I am puppy mills!
♥ a Shelter ^..^

Thank You & Blessings…



Stop Cruelty To Animals Wild & Domestic
Save The Wolfs of Alaska
SCTAs-Puppy Mill Project NJ Division

I am a peace loving teacher, musician and activist but seeing this makes me want to take the law into my own hands and absorb the reprocussions for wiping these people out.

We can not thank all of you enough for bringing this subject out in the open. Every bit of awareness helps and we will be here fighting this until it is a horrible, nightmarish memory.

I have promoted this website to people at school and on Facebook, I hope this helps pass the awareness!!

Punish the woman involved most severly. They need put away. If they can do this to a helpless animal what else can they do……..a child next ?? This has to be the worst crime comitted to an animal by a female. It has to be dealt with now & harshly to stop it.

what kind of sick demented person gets of on torture they must be removed from this planet and imagine how there kids will grow up thats why this world is going down a one way road to hell we dont care for gods creatures , life ,one another or mother nuture

From Marni again…………….I made a mistake. I didn’t mean to put a happy face. I meant a very very sad face.
Forgive me. 🙁 🙁 🙁

People and I can hardly call them people that make these crush videos are so sick. These videos are so disturbing. The poor little animals. These people need to be prosecuted !! STOP IT NOW !!! There is a special place in hell for these people.
God Bless these poor animals. I am so sick over this. RIP, animals, you certainly don’t deserve this abuse 🙂

I’m horrified these videos are even out there! REALLY? These people need to die, seriously!

crush videos needs to end !!!!!!!!!! IT’S ANIMAL ABUSE !!!!! PLEASE STOP IT NOW !!! THIS COULD NOT & SHOULD NOT GO ON !!!!

Crush videos are disgusting and it needs to end!! These videos need to be made illegal and we must do everything in our power to end this sick animal abuse!

Sick sad people…who have anything to do with making this type of movie…jail time sounds good to me.

I think, that people who do it – must be killed the same way.
Yeah! Stop the crush! “Human” looks like so pitiful and horrible(

As director who did Philosophy of a knife, ultra-violent documentary about experiments on peoples during WW2, I want to say: “I AGAINST ANY ANIMAL CRUELTY!