In Memory of Nate

Nathan Levinson was a Bradenton, Florida city worker who lost his job fighting for the lives of stray cats living on Manatee county property, where he worked. He was fired for feeding a specific group […]

Indiana Teen Charged With Making & Distributing Animal Crush Videos

19-year-old Krystal Cherika Scott of Kokomo, Indiana will face federal charges for making and distributing animal crush video. According to Indiana authorities, Scott posted images/videos of herself torturing and brutally murdering cats and dogs in a number […]

Correcting a false label levied against the Philippines

In regard to a recent letter and post sent to PETA supporters by the organization, we would like to correct part of their statement which labels the Philippines as “ground zero” for animal crush video. […]

The animal crush industry generates propaganda against

“Crushers” (a term coined by to describe those engaged in creating, distributing, purchasing and/or viewing animal crush video for purposes of garnering money or sexual gratification) apparently do not like very much (what […]

A call for unity and aid in the wake of an unjust ruling

UPDATE as of 5/27/13: Everyone, we can breath a bit easier. We have reached our goal of garnering the necessary funding to pay our attorney, Daphne Pattison Silverman of the Silverman Law Group in Austin, Texas, […]

STOPCRUSH.ORG Italy moving forward against animal crush video team member, Barbara Bacci, Director of the Italy Chapter, presenting information about animal crush video to conference attendees at Camera dei Deputati(Chamber of Deputies), Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, Italy on November the 27th, […]

STOPCRUSH.ORG administrator tasks

For those inquiring as to what STOPCRUSH.ORG administrators do and how they can help, we need several different kinds of administrators, as well as volunteers. Not everyone is cut out for certain roles, so it […]