In Memory of Nate

Nathan Levinson was a Bradenton, Florida city worker who lost his job fighting for the lives of stray cats living on Manatee county property, where he worked. He was fired for feeding a specific group […]

Indiana Teen Charged With Making & Distributing Animal Crush Videos

19-year-old Krystal Cherika Scott of Kokomo, Indiana will face federal charges for making and distributing animal crush video. According to Indiana authorities, Scott posted images/videos of herself torturing and brutally murdering cats and dogs in a number […]

STOPCRUSH.ORG administrator tasks

For those inquiring as to what STOPCRUSH.ORG administrators do and how they can help, we need several different kinds of administrators, as well as volunteers. Not everyone is cut out for certain roles, so it […]

Fur protest outside the EXPO ATHENS March 31 at 12:00

Message from STOPCRUSH.ORG GREECE – The Pan-Hellenic Federation of Animal Welfare, Environmental Nationwide and animal welfare associations Coordinating Committee invite you to join this anti-fur protest! Those who want to participate in this silent uniform […]