In Memory of Nate

Nathan Levinson was a Bradenton, Florida city worker who lost his job fighting for the lives of stray cats living on Manatee county property, where he worked. He was fired for feeding a specific group […]

Indiana Teen Charged With Making & Distributing Animal Crush Videos

19-year-old Krystal Cherika Scott of Kokomo, Indiana will face federal charges for making and distributing animal crush video. According to Indiana authorities, Scott posted images/videos of herself torturing and brutally murdering cats and dogs in a number […]

Legislation with teeth introduced by Senate! would like to thank the the office of Congressman Gallegly and all of Congress, for that matter, for their hard work during the fight against crush video. Thank you for presenting these revisions for […]

A crucial time:Congress needs you now!

The team has just gotten off the phone with Congressman Elton Gallegly’s office in D.C. They were more than happy to address our concerns regarding the wording of HR 5566. They assured us that Congress […]

Senate Hearing Paves Way for Crack Down on Crush Videos

The HSUS was called to testify this morning at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the repugnant phenomenon of animal crush videos. Nancy Perry, HSUS vice president for government affairs, presented our case eloquently—you can […]