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Hey. I just found out about this. I am in Canada, and would like to know what I can do to help. Please let me know. Thanks.

After my spree of reporting to FB crushers and friends, I notice today I have a new friend, a crush fan – my own fault, should have blocked them – – Oh dear, . . ……..

I thought all that crush thing was fake, I could not imagine that people coul really do that. And then I realized, through an animal welfare website, that it was real. I can’t sleep well, I can’t even eat. I have never felt so much hateread and rage. I looked at those women’s faces, I searched for their names. I am so surprised that nobody in China has not tried to kill them already. I mean, obviously their laws are not going to protect these porr creatures, their justice is not going to punish them. So how can we stop them ? By scaring them, by tracking them down and punishing them so hard that no other would dare to that ever again.

look this.

A great wave of terror that haunts our animals. They are part of our family. Are tearing, humiliating, urinating and passing stools in the face and body of our animals.

IDENTIFY THIS COUPLE !!!!!!! URGENT CONTACT Would anyone who lives there ..


CAUTION: are creatures with sexual compulsion rampant, which is calmed JUST KILLING MANY ANIMALS ….

These people are entering the foundation of our family. Our children who love animals and listening to stories enchanted Crecera may find one day on the Internet photos and videos bizzarre people sticking needles in their eyes, burning with cigarettes

my community

You’re doing such important work. I admire your efforts!

You must see or have seen horrible things I don’t even want to think about. Though now I heard about “crush videos”, I won’t be able to get this out of my head completely.

When I was in 7th grade or so, a friend of mine once told me about a video in which you could see mice being tortured. I was so shocked I can still feel the sensation thinking of that day now, over 15 years later.
With the help of your website, I just found out that the existence of that kind of videos is not as unusual as I was hoping all these years.
It’s horrible.
I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Is there anything I can do besides telling people about your organisation or report any of these videos, should I ever see one? I wish I could do anything!

The Alpha Team Organization supports the Campaigh against the Crush Videos after the Philippine Authorities find out of the Crush Videos- Mercyless killings of the Innocent animals used as Props for Pornography and Entertaintment. We continue to fight for lives- Lives of Innocent animals…

today when just browsing on the internet saw the title “poor rabbit get sat on by a girl” in chinese and i clicked on it to see what the big fuss is about (i thought it was a spoof or some computer generated video) then when i saw a girl take a rabbit and put it under a transparent glass plate and just sits on it and flattens the rabbit…. it was horrible… something has to be done about this… then i asked my friend what the hell this is, he said it is some kind of fetish called crush fetish… i am so ashamed of my fellow human beings actually doing this…this has to be stopped! i support you guys, please tell me what i can do out here in Beijing to help.

Hi, i also just recently found out about this awful horrific pratice. I would like to know how i may get videos of this to pass on to others so they may educate adults and children on this terrible cruelty to animals. I can’t seem to bring up the videos here on the website, is their anyway i may purchase some. Please keep up the good work by spreading the word of this cruelty.

We would be greatly appreciative of any help we can garner against crush, globally, Paul. Thank you for helping to stop crush.

Hey, I saw links to your website after talking to a very passionate believer and if you don’t mind, I’d like to put a link with your logo onto my website which I am rebuilding. I admit I wasn’t “overly worried” about animal abuse but I saw stills from a video and, well, it left an impression. Thank you for pointing this cruelty out so that we can make it a thing of the past.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank you guys SO much for hanging in there. The world of animal abuse is not pretty and I also know first hand. Many tears are shed and there are many sleepless nights. Just know that you ARE making a difference and we WILL take down all of these s.o.b.’s one day.
Was wondering what I could do from Canada? Since I don’t have a representative. Do you know if there are any bills here? Would love the information.

Sharing you guys on FB,

We will all keep fighting!!

Hello, everyone. We are working to report certain sites as best we can with limitations in the law. We are very close to having crush banned in America, but even then, the process of removal will continue. So will our networking to help form groups over seas who will fight this barbaric practice. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind support. We will keep fighting.

Hi all at Stop Crush, Im in England and have just seen the site for the first time. I want to thank you on behalf of all the animals you have and are continuing to help. These people are sick and must be stopped. I could hardly bear to read what is done to these poor defenceless creatures. If it wasnt for people like you/us then god only knows where we would be!!!! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK YOU ARE DOING XXX

I feel really confused, I just found out about this today. I dont understand this ??? How can this be possible – anyone involved should be served with the justice they deserve – I hope it will happen. I am in Australia – what is happening here is there an acyivist body ??

Hi Stop Crush, I’m writing to report several instances of beastiality on a website called “”.

It is very easy to find by searching “most popular videos”.

I have followed the instructions on your site to no avail, the site said there was no record of the IP address. ( )

I have also reported the site for alluding to child pornography.

If you could advise me on what to do I would be much obliged, these people need to be stopped.

Many Thanks
A. Taylor

Hi Pippa,
This was the answer we received from the ISPCA while we were researching international laws:

“The possession, and even the distribution, of material depicting most types of animal cruelty would not be illegal in Ireland or the UK at present. The situation with regard to the sale or distribution of such material in the UK may change as there is provision under their Animal Welfare Bill to make such practices unlawful. No changes are likely in Ireland in the near future.

At this point in time action can only be taken if it can be proven that a particular person was actively involved in the infliction of the cruelty depicted.

Certain depictions of animal cruelty such as squish/crush videos may, however, be deemed obscene and therefore illegal.”

Hi guys,

Thanks for the awesome job you do and for keeping us all alerted and up to date on animal abuse issues! I do have a question….I am British although currently in the US, I will be moving back in October of this year. I wondered what the deal is back in the UK with these videos etc, if there are similar problems and legal loopholes that you know of?

Any feedback will be appreciated.