HR 5566 and where we stand…a cry for help from the animals!

The bill, HR 5566 was originally geared only toward making the sale of animal crush video illegal. It was passed by Congress, sent to the Senate, then altered by the Senate and returned to Congress for revision approval. That vote has not yet taken place no matter what  certain Congressional offices are telling everyone whilst they would like to avert the issue.

Any Congressional office telling all of you that the bill was voted on is not exactly “lying”, they are simply “omitting” the fact that Congress must vote on it again. This is a very common tactic used by some politicians when they wish to stall for time. The changes that Senate made to the bill not only ban the videos as obscenity, as they should be, but they add two extra years in prison for the offender and increased fines.

Again, this bill, since altered by Senate becomes a whole new bill and therefore must again, be voted on by Congress before reaching Mr. Obama’s desk. These films are created for a twisted prurient interest. That makes them sick, deviant pornography which brutalizes an innocent life for the sexual gratification of the viewer. At STOPCRUSH.ORG, we believe that these films are no different than child pornography and they have no place in our society.

We will fight to have them banned here in America and we will support all groups overseas as they attempt to have them banned in their nations as well. We will work to bring these sick people to justice, once law is in place and we desperately need all of your help in order to do that. This bill will be in a pile of other bills in Congress during lame duck sessions, now that the elections have ended. We have been in contact with certain Congressional offices during this process, and the situation is not an easy one. This has been no simple fight for them, either.

This bill must be called to a vote very soon. Any bill, on January first, becomes null and void, if not signed into law…If we can not force this vote, we will lose the bill and we will have to start all over again. Please help us by contacting your Congressperson and asking he/she to vote positively on this bill when it is called to vote…Please also contact Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, asking her why she has not yet called the bill to vote.

This is a very small window. We have one and one-half months to get this bill passed. This is a chance to help alter the way future generations see and treat animals. It is a cry for help and for the animals. Please join the team at STOPCRUSH.ORG in this fight.

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For the animals,

The team at,


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