“Drawn Together” desensitizing a new generation

The team at STOPCRUSH.ORG isn’t laughing. We realize that free-speech is a necessity for freedom to flourish and whilst we are proponents of free-speech, we would like to respond to the recent animated “Drawn Together” movie’s blatant disregard for a most serious, criminal act. A segment from their animated movie, “The Challenge” most severely undermines the work of many individuals who fought tirelessly to classify animal crush video as prurient obscenity, by making a joke out of the true horror behind this morally bankrupt industry. Their latest tasteless expression, which features the actual “crushing” of puppies and kittens, as well as references to someone masturbating to the act, is, at best, morbid and degrading. What were the film makers and network thinking? The creators boast that they specialize in “dark humor”, including rape, incest, pedophilia, homophobia, spousal/child abuse, racism, antisemitism, necrophilia and terrorism. In addition, they allege that their intent is to point out the obvious bigotry, by making fun of it. Jess Harnell, a voice for one of the animated characters, states in the DVD commentary, “Most of the racism on the show is coming from people who are so obviously stupid about it; it really isn’t that threatening.” Not that threatening? How about impressionable? Making light of these subject matters is not informing the public that these issues are to be taken seriously. They are making light of these issues, whilst turning the cold, hard reality of them into a joke.

We would, again, like to point out that the maximum penalty in United States for animal crush video offenses can be up to 7 years in prison and/or a hefty fine, as it is now placed in the same category as child pornography. Would it be proper to jibe in this way about child pornography?

Animal crush video is detrimental to our children and our society, the intended and probable recipients(yes, we realize that they state these cartoons are for adults, but this does not absolve them from responsibility that the many of their viewers are likely not) of this movie. What socially redeeming purpose does it serve for the creators of “Drawn Together” to make light of such an issue, and in this most blatant, detestable manner? Citizens lobbied extremely hard in order to pressure the United States legislature to pass the Crush Prohibition Act of 2010. This cartoon depiction of animal crush makes a mockery of their effort.

Animal crush video was banned as obscenity by United States citizens, with the aid of pressure from their friends abroad, for the protection of animals, their children and the hope of a better world. We have made similar statements on their behalf before, and we will say it again. Promoting the act of crushing an animal is quite simply, not only in poor taste, but indictable. Promoting animal brutality, in general, and the desensitization of your viewers, many of whom are young and impressionable, is ludicrous. The producers of these cartoons know that many of their viewers are quite young. Have they no idea as to when and where future serial murderers begin developing?

Free-speech, again, has limits when it comes to social responsibility. Free-speech that becomes a detriment to society isn’t free at all; it is very costly. There is no way to understand this movie’s(and the series) psychologically threatening lack of responsibility by teaching viewers to laugh at sick and dangerous realities. How utterly proper of them to tell their many viewers that it is “okay” to find humor in these subject matters, including the severely depraved and socially unacceptable human illness that tortures animals for sexual gratification.

There is nothing humorous in the pain, misery and suffering of other life forms. What a person finds to be humorous is very revealing about that person’s conscience, or lack thereof.

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“Drawn Together” is perhaps the ugliest television program that I have seen. I enjoy South Park, which does cross the line sometimes but for the most part is actually a highly moral show underneath the over the top humor. Drawn Together has no morality. I already vehemently objected to their portrayal of one of their characters as an object of ridicule because she is an overweight individual with obvious borderline personality disorder. But this is beyond the pale. I am telling everyone I know to boycott this despicable show.

Well, about “crush videos” where they torture and kill suffering live forme is Stupidity, sickeness, sociopathy and has nothing to do with Fetish.
We must aware people to keep distance to this crap cheap theatre.
I have nothing against people who practises crush to others men/women’s body and fruits, this is freedom of speech.
If I get an HK47 and starts to shoot the neighbohors..Id this a freddom of speech??? Think twice.

we must stop this horribles videos !!!!the persons doing these acts are very sicks and psychos!!!!

Look the kind of people whom subscribe to “crush videos” and call it free speech are sociopaths. there is no reasoning with a sociopath nor is there a fix for it. It is a mental illness as well as an emotional and moral illness. They simply are not nor will they ever be capable of compassion, reason or empathy. They are degenerates and the last thing that this world needs is these monsters out there breeding and multiplying. If you want to save this world and all the good people and innocent creatures in it from these monsters pressure your elected officials to exterminate these creeps while they are locked up and have the opportunity to do so. Reeasing them backl into society once caught is a shame on us. No one ever comes out of prison a better person than when they entered. They do however come out of that world more dangerous than before and better at scamming the system. They also come out with stronger ties to the underworld. Annihilate the monsters when you have the opportunity or they will eventually take over society.