A message from the team

A Message From the Team at STOPCRUSH.ORG

For many of us, proper sleep has not be on the agenda. There has been little more important to us than this fight against the vile, horrific presence of crush video in our society. If it were not for the animals suffering and the profound support given to us from our friends around the world, there were times, we dare say that we would not have had the strength to continue. In turn, too many of our close friends have been more then just “broken” when faced with the reality of crush videos (animal torture pornography) and with good reason. With recent global and governmental “follies” wreaking havoc on our collective emotional states, animals and the planet, we must find within each other, the strength to move forward for all life.

When the Supreme Court(minus Justice Alito) voted to dismantle the original animal cruelty depiction law(enacted under the Clinton administration in 1999) in April 2010, stripping animals of what little protection from the depiction of cruelty that existed, our hearts sank. We mourned every evening for all of the animals being systematically slaughtered by those who from that moment, could legally gain monetary profit, as well as a detestable prurient pleasure from their torture. With no legislation in place standing in the way of the sadists who distribute these videos in America, websites began sprouting all over the internet.

On the evening of the law’s dismantling, servers around the United States actually crashed for a few hours due to the number of “snuff” and/or “crush” videos that were uploaded by the crush producers in a “free for all” mass murder fest. Several of us, who were known to crushers as being staunch “anti’s” received video in our email in-boxes from a few well known animal murdering producers, gloating over the ruling. These crushers know us well and they were simply basking in the glow of their new found freedom to torment us. That freedom was temporary, thanks to hard working activists and some good people in our legislature who fought for the Animal Crush Prohibition Act of 2010. Until it was passed, the crush producers certainly laughed in our faces whilst they line their pockets at the expense of the innocent lives of helpless animals.

We have spent much of ourselves working to network and ask American citizens to contact their representatives in an effort to enact an amendment since the original law was stricken down and the supporters of the anti-crush movement have been beside us the entire way. So, for those who had expected that by the time a bill had passed into law protecting animals from crushers, we would have been beaten so far into submission that we would no longer be able to fight this cruelty, we say that you underestimate the resolve of those who support us. It is true that we have had our fill of the tears of many close friends and colleagues. It is true that we have been attacked from the inside and out, but you can not, nor will not break us. We are here to stay and we will be a thorn in the sides of brutality and oppression so long as a despicable practice such as this exists.

Since our group seems to have a particular knack for being attacked by sociopaths, psychopaths, animal murderers, and even fanatics from within the movement, we have a message for these “dregs” of humanity. The team at stopcrush.org will not bow or buckle, nor will we falter or placate to egos, threats or attacks.

For crushers in America, this is a warning. You had better crawl back into the holes that you scattered out from because we have plans bent on finding you now that the Animal Crush Prohibition Act is in place, making the videos illegal again. Those of you within the United States who are filming this gutter horror will be rooted out, turned in to the proper authorities and the team at Stopcrush.org will continue working with other activists, globally to help support an initiative to erase this twisted, prurient interest from the face of our world. We will do everything in our power to turn each human eye upon you. We are coming for you.

To every individual who has stood behind and beside us: Any group is only as effective as its supporters and we have the absolute best. We have cried with you and you have been our compass. You are in our hearts.

The Team At


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der er ikke noget der skal gemmes, alt skal frem, så vi alle dyrevenner kan få stoppe disse forfærdelige, grusomme handlinger fra a-z, sanhedden skal frem, og gerningsmændene må have samme straf som mennesket. dyr er liv, og min stemme for retfærdighed for dyr, er mega stort. kæmpe kamp mod disse primitive lande, de skal hjernevaskes , så de kan blive nomale for dyr og deres omgangskreds, basta. I LOVE CRUSH. ORG. TAK FOR STORT ARBEJDE MOD DYREMISHANDLING. STOP.

I just recently heard about this because this issue was just on the local news here in the Philippines. No words could describe how horrified I am learning that some of the videos are even from here. I am, first and foremost ashamed not only of my own countrymen but also of all the people in the world who does this and enjoys this violent act. Where is the humanity and respect?

Second, I am incredibly saddened. Unfortunately, our goverment here just sucks and is too busy working on the wrong things. I don’t know how we can stop this. If I had the power, I hope one day we can prosecute animal brutality & cruelty.

These people are cowards and bullies! They are too cowardly to pick on and fight someone their own size. They could never endure what they make the animals endure because they are too emotionally and physically weaK. They have no courage, very sad, sick and pathetic individuals. They are too scared to take on humans. Losers with no heart or empathy. All animals belong to the earth and should live free from violence. Just because these losers can’t make it in real society it’s not the animals fault.

I’ve heard of this and signed a pledge against it but it was not until I saw one video. OMG it was the SICKEST honestly the SICKEST thing I’ve seen in my whole life. I still shiver and feel nauseas to the thought of it. THIS PEOPLE ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY NOT ONLY THOSE WHO PRODUCE IT BUT ALSO THOSE WHO PROMOTE THEM. I think this is as awful and as vile as having snuff or pedophile videos around. This should be BANNED anywhere. These people represent a REAL THREAT to society anywhere. I can’t imagine my little siblings or cousins bumping into this on the internet.

This horrid ‘genre’ of internet film should be put back from were it came, hell. This world needs to be cleaned of cruelty to all, animals and humans.

wow. I had no idea. I mean I knew there was cruelness in the world but I did not know this ‘crush’ stuff existed. Sick and twisted, sick sick sick

I’ve never heard of such an evil wicked thing in all my life! How dare anyone abuse an innocent creature like that! If I ever see anyone do anything regardless if they are on a platform male / female I will jump in there to save an animal!

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!! These individuals need to be smacked around some.