2011: The global campaign

The members of A.E.L.L.A./STOPCRUSH.ORG would like to personally thank each individual and group around the world who gave their support in the effort to ban animal crush video as obscenity in the United States. In turn, we wish to honor our promise to support those in countries where this prurient horror is still legal, or does not see a strong enough stance taken by their government against it. In essence, we wish to not only eradicate animal crush video from the face of our world, but to reach across borders, bridge gaps and overcome our differences in order to generate unity against other abuses, as well. We certainly can not hope to do this without all of you.




Many countries will need the support of all citizens in every nation standing beside them in order to pressure governments to do what is obviously right. We plan to continue utilizing social platforms such as facebook, as well as our websites to spread the word and unite globally against abuse and injustice to life.




We will begin by creating STOPCRUSH.ORG facebook group pages and selecting representatives from around the world to help us administrate them. Each page will be specific to the region and nation of the administrators. If you are interested in applying to become an administrator and representing your nation in this fight against animal crush video, please email us at stopcrushteam@yahoo.com. We can always communicate by using a translator if we do not speak your language.




Please include your full name, age, location and any information you have regarding the current conditions of the laws against animal cruelty and obscene material, such as animal crush video, where you live.




We love each of you, 



The team at 






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I would love to help in any way I can. This is the most heartless, cruel, and sickening thing I’ve ever heard of happening to animals in all my life, & I’ve heard some DISPICABLE things about animal abuse. This should NOT be taking place ANYWHERE, just like child sex slavery, or the dog & cat torture/eating thats going on in Asia. Whatever I can do, I will do my best just let me know. Thank you for all of your work in this, I may have never met this team, but I deeply admire each and every one of you for the help you are contributing in your way to these innocent beings. Thank you all, may love, light, and fulfillment be with everyone at Stopcrush.com:)